- 5 production units

- 5 commercial units

- Exporting in more than 60 Countries worlwide

- Products range able to satisfy any enquery

- Steady presence in all the continents

- Leading group in the technical innovation and research

- Over 150 employees

- ISO 9001 certified

PRODUSTS' RANGE - The widest range worlwide

  • PIVOT AND LATERAL MOVE SYSTEMS made by OTECH, the European leader in this field, provide the ideal solution for irrigating large surfaces.

R&D, design and production all carried out in our premises by skilled technicians.

  • HOSE REEL MACHINES made by IRRIMEC whose main feature has been the technical development throughout the years.

The perfect example of the ideaql rainfall. Their versatility grants fast and easy deployment in "all round" use as well as optimal results in terms of labor, water and energy saving.

  • MOTOR PUMPS with diesel engines made by IRRIMEC, manufactured to operate not only with hose reels but also with pivots, lateral move and solid set systems.
  • IRRIGATION BOOMS available in different lenghts, in galvanized steel or aluminium.
  • IRRIGATION PIPES available in all sizes, with a vast choice of couplings and fittings.
  • PUMPS for any kind of "turn-key" solution. Pumping stations, tractor pumps, special pumps engine or electric motor driven and submersible pumps.


Already a specialist producer of hose reel irrigators and pump units, IRRIMEC is able to satisfy and supply its customers with a large range of products.


OTECH SA: production of Pivots, Lateral moves irrigation systems.


New brand of Irrimec Group ,ELITE range is designed for those users always demanding top performance by their machines. It 'a combination of technology and quality construction.


OTECH 40: marketing of Pivots, Lateral moves, Hose reels irrigators, Pumps units, Pumps, Pipes and Accessories.


IRRIDIS: marketing of Spare parts and Components.

IRRIMEC s.r.l.

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