The need to limit water consumption, to reduce labour and energy costs has been performed in hose-reel irrigation machines with the use of computerized hydraulic systems and control panel, which enable to programm the irrigation cycles in the time and way chossed by the farmer, considering the type of coltivation and the characteristics of the ground.

Today hose-reel irrigation machines, renewed in almost all components, expecially with use of high breaking sprinklers and low pressure booms, offer to farmers excellent and real possibilities to save both water and energy for a more profitable farm management.


During last two years we attended an increasing market request, especially turned to the new generation of big hose-reel irrigation machines, which are proposed with new characteristics and perfectly equipped for each kind of need.

A basic consideration must be turned to the irrigation method with hose-reel irrigation machine: any farmer is able to satisfy water needs of his cultivation, with rain height, duration and precise irrigation turns, and without waste of water.


The hose-reel irrigation machine moving on the cultivation doesn’t stop and doesn’t deliver excess of water as regards the pre-arranged programm.


So it is possible to distribute water with a different method for each cultivation and time of growth, both with high-breaking sprinklers and booms and with the new “clever” sprinklers, distributing water only on the interested field and only on the level of ground involving the plants root, depending on their growth.

Excellent productive results have been obtained not only on maize, sugar beet and soya cultivations, but also on all other horticultural cultivations as tomato, potato, carrot, onion..... and tobacco too.

Hose-reel irrigation machines are efficaciously used aldo in vineyards and orchards.


The accessories mounted on modern hose-reel irrigation machines, made of automatisms and control systems, always ensure the correct use of water with low pressures and less management costs.

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