The irrigation system with hose-reel irrigation machine doesn't waste water: any farmer is able to satisfy water needs of his cultivation during its growth, with the distribution of a precise quantity of water programmed by means of a computerized control panel: the constant movement of the gun on the field grants a perfect eveness in water distribution, by avoiding every minimum waste. On the contrary, as many people think, it is false that drip-system saves water. Recent tests, made with water-metres positioned on different irrigation system in iimportant farms, showed what some technicians already sensed: drip-system must deliver bigger quantities of water in order to take the cultivation to ripening, as regards the irrigation by means of a hose-reel irrigation machine, with peaks of medium water consuption over than 50% (see Table n. 4)


Farms Civilization Hose-reel irrigation machine Drip-system
1 - Az. Agr. Budrio - BO Cipolla mc. 1954 mc. 2257 (+16%)
2 - Az. Agr. Ozzano - BO Patata mc. 1654 mc. 2900 (+75%)
3 - Az. Agr. Malandriano - PR Pomodoro mc. 1699 mc. 2202 (+30%)
4 - Az. Agr. Rivergaro - PC Pomodoro mc. 1271 mc. 1784 (+40%)
5 - Az. Agr. S. Giorgio - PC Pomodoro mc. 1260 mc. 1743 (+38%)

During the phase of germination of seeds and helping the just transplatend cultivations, the drip-system was unuseful and wasted a lot of water: during year 2002 the farmers had to irrigate with a hose-reel irrigation machine the cultivation prepared with a drip-system, in order to make the seeds germinate and start growing the just transplanted cultivations.

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