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The Irrimec Group is made up of Irrimec Srl, Otech SA, Elite, Otech 40 Sarl and Irridis. This union was designed to offer Irrimec customers an even more complete service so that they can also find pivots, front ramps and spare parts. A leader in innovation, technology and research, the group is present on all 5 continents, employs more than 150 people and has recently renewed its ISO 9001 certification, the international reference standard for corporate quality management.

The Irrimec Group operates with a vast network of agents and dealers, a key point of reference for agricultural operators.

Logo Elite.png

ELITE represents a range designed for users that always require top performance for their machines.

Logo Otech.jpg

OTECH SA deals in the manufacture of high-quality pivots and linears capable of optimising irrigation efficiency.

Logo Otech 40.png

OTECH 40 SARL deals in marketing of pivots and hose reel machines. It also designs and constructs pumping systems.

Logo Irridis.png

IRRIDIS deals in the sale of spare parts for all the brands of the group.

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